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Supervision for qualified and trainee counsellors to meet your ethical needs and to enhance your work.

I hold the L6 Diploma in Supervision (NCS) and have 5 years clinical experience.

I also work with teachers, NHS staff, MoJ staff and body therapists to help with difficult situations so you can be the best for your students, patients or clients.

I offer a Person-centred approach but work with a range of counselling modalities.

Frameworks I use include Shohet and Shohet The Seven-Eyed Model of Supervision and Page and Wosket the Cyclical Model of Supervision.

We’ll develop an open and honest relationship allowing you to work at the edge of your awareness.

I’ll listen to what you need and give you ideas from a range of perspectives, experience and theories.

My aim is to support and resource you while giving you the right amount of challenge and development.

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Supervision: Welcome


We can work creatively. I use metaphors from myth and nature and can suggest activities to support you. I work holistically so incorporate somatic and emotional experiencing alongside regulation and cognitive reasoning. All work has the intention of having a therapeutic benefit for clients.

Training and research strengthens my practice. Recent professional courses include working with Trauma-informed Approaches, Attachment Theory and relationships, the nervous system and Polyvagal Theory, Internal Family Systems, Transactional Analysis, anger - rage - guilt - shame, Ecopsychology and Outdoor Therapy, Understanding Autism, the Reality of ADHD, women, hormones and neurodiversity, Peri-menopause and Menopause.

Supervision is £50 for 1 hour

I offer 45 min, 1 hour and 1.5 hour sessions

Once in a supervisory contract, I provide emergency, legal or safeguarding supervision and charge per 15 minutes.  

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