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I work with

Individual adults - men, women and identifications in between. No matter your background, our similarities and differences, I will listen and create the conditions for you to move toward a more fuller-functioning you. 

Being human is complex; many clients say they have a critical internal voice, suffer with self-doubt, lack confidence, find it hard to talk about their feelings, seem unable to make a decision or change the way they do things. 

As a counsellor I am familiar with these ways of being and can help you understand where they come from. The counselling process often allows you to open up to your true self and your potential.

Counselling: Welcome

My job is

To help you talk about what troubles you, to shine a light on what you might not understand and to work at your pace. I’ll maintain the professional boundaries, allowing you to feel safe.

Our work together might help you make decisions but I won’t impose my opinions onto you. I will always ask how things are for you and we’ll uncover your complexities together. We create a working relationship built on trust and respect.

Counselling can lead to feelings of increased freedom and choice with insights on how to change or develop, if that is what you need. There may be tears but with them laughter.

Counselling: About
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